[Silencing Vanessa Place] Lathe cut 7”

Four and a half minutes of ‘silence’ – preparatory pauses, ambient intervals between poems, infra-mince gaps between words, etc. – sampled from various audio-documentations of readings by conceptual poet Vanessa Place (omitting her own performative silences, viz. the “Gone with the Wind” ‘white-out’). Contra the poetics of echo, here all traces of Place’s(?) speech are (being-) erased. Lathe-cut into low-grade polycarbonate, this record’s ‘silence’-inscribed microgrooves will (in turn) degrade & ultimately be erased with sufficient revolutions– repeated playback thus de-/re-materializing “ echorality ” via ablation as white noise displaces the appropriated ‘silence’(?)

Lathe cut 7”, Single-sided, 45 RPM
Spratt’s Medium SM02
Numbered edition of 20 (2nd Edition)
$15 NZ (postage inc.)